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Painting Process

On behalf of Freeman Construction Services. we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for browsing our company website, as well as for considering us to perform your professional grade paint work. We understand that having any amount of home repair or home renovations done on your home, can be a very stressfull time for most. We implement a very homeowner friendly system to ease the stress, confusion, as well as to eliminate the amount of time the homeowner has to interact with the process.

Our System

Preparation is the single most important aspect of any exterior construction. Properly performed preparation of the exterior of your home or business, is very much the foundation of the entire job. After all, what good is your dream home, when it sits on a poorly crafted foundation. The following phases are just an example of the care we take with your home:

1.Remove all storm windows, shutters, storm doors and lighting fixtures.

2. High power wash of the entire home to remove dirt, grime, and especially loose paint and to exposed hidden problems beneath the surface.

3. Repair and replace all questionable rotten, cracked, moldy, weathered, and any surfacing that needs attention with the industries highest quality materials. Including the use of fully synthetic, or engineered products from the leading manufacturer's.

4. Power and manualy scraping of loose paint or chipped surfaces to ensure the proper adhesion of premium primer products used to seal the home from weather.

5. The placement of protective equipment to cover or protect fireplaces, decks, porches, driveways, landscaping, and any other obstruction surrounding the home from paint overspray, and construction debris.

6. Application of 55 year siliconized caulking around windows, doors, batts, seams, nail heads, garage seals, exterior water spickets, and in general, anywhere that there is a crack seam, or hole.

7. Final application of selected premium paint product in color of choice on all faces and trimwork on exterior of home, unless other work has been discussed at an earlier date.

8. The approval of the homeowner or business owner, are the final say that the work has been completed in a professional manner. Then and only then, the extensive clean-up process will begin by re-installing lighting fixtures, paint touch-ups will take place, and removal of all construction related debris will be hauled off the property.

By Performing Adequate Preparation Of Your Home, The Exterior Of Your Home Will Indure Many More Years Of Maintainance Free Enjoyment..  Its Worth Doing Right The First Time!

Do You Have Window Trim That Looks Like This, Give Us A Call, We Do It All.

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